orange county

The STRUGGLE is real...

Starting a business hard. It's unforgiving, it's stressful and it's a money sink. Every day and event is bringing on tons of new challenges.

I had my first two real events this past weekend. I was able to do a bridal shower at a local restaurant in Tustin, Bonefish Grill, and I did a bridal bouquet and boutonniere for a friend's wedding in Westminster. I had my flower pick up set for Saturday morning at 7am. I put out all of my floral supplies the night before and my buckets were cleaned and prepped.

The flowers I picked up were beautiful. The Charity Garden Roses were opening just a bit and looked amazing. I also picked up fragrant freesia and the most amazing dinner plate dahlias. Now, I love the look of those dinner plate dahlias. They are so romantic and elegant. Little did I know how temperamental and difficult they would be to work with. I'm going to chalk that up to naivety and ignorant optimism. 

As I taped my grid on to my vases, I was feeling confident and excited! That slowly disintegrated into doubt and defeat. There was nothing particularly hard about the arrangements and I had wonderful starting materials, I just began to feel overwhelmed. Can I really do this? Why am I doing this? Is the bride going to be happy? A million questions raced through my head cascading into more and more questions. I finished the final product and was happy enough to get into my car and enjoy the afternoon chatting and celebrating the bride. 

2017-09-16 12.57.56.jpg

On Sunday, up on deck was a simple bridal bouquet and boutonniere. I used the same theme of flowers that I had used the day before for the shower. I focused much more on the garden roses, used white freesia instead of yellow and added hints of astilbe for more elegant look. This was hard. Handling a bouquet and crafting it into your vision is tough. All I kept thinking about is making sure that my bride was happy. I wanted her bouquet to be an expression of her without taking in ounce of her spotlight. My dahlias were limping along at this point, so I had to run out and try and find new stems. Thankfully, there is a flower shop open on Sunday that had ample amounts of the cafe au lait dahlias. After finishing the bouquet, I moved on to the boutonniere, which had eucalyptus, craspedia and freesia. It was simple and a perfect compliment to the bouquet. It was the one win I needed to get me in the car and off to the venue.

So, what did I learn this weekend? A few things.

A floral fridge would be great, but in its stead, I'll have to use intuition and knowledge from all of the amazing florist before me (read: internet) and take care of them in the house as best I can.

Not everything is going to be perfect...and that's ok. Imperfection makes it perfectly unique. As a type A personality, I don't deal with failure well, but it is the best way to grow as an artist and a person.

Learn. Grow. Every opportunity is a door to greater knowledge.

2017-09-16 12.46.23.jpg

To everyone out that striving to share your art with the world. We got this! It's hard and that is why it's worth pursuing. Let's keep making the world a more beautiful place.

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